Cirque Ziva

Lien Chi Chang officially established the Chinese Golden Dragon Acrobats in 1967 with his family whose members included Danny Chang, his sister and other students. From 1967 to 1984, Lien Chi led the company to numerous performances in different nations. The Chinese Golden Dragon Acrobats dazzled audiences ranging from 8-year-old kids to 80-year-old seniors all across the globe. Danny Chang often traveled with his father’s Golden Dragon Acrobats, and was later chosen by the National Acrobats Troupe of Republic of China to lead the various world tours produced by the most prestigious acrobat school in Taiwan. 

After more than 17 years of apprenticeship under his dad and several years of world tour, Danny Chang was ready to step up as the president of the Golden Dragon Acrobats when Lien Chi Chang accepted the head coaching job at the National Taiwan College of Performing Arts. 

As a young entrepreneur, Danny showed tremendous passion for the acrobatic arts. His first goal was to reorganize the company from a small group to a world renowned production company. He chose the United States of America as his starting point. With Mr. Bill Fegan’s assistance, the Golden Dragon Acrobats debuted in 1985. 

Today, the Golden Dragon Acrobats have been recognized as the preeminent Chinese acrobatic company in the United States. As the director and the producer, Danny Chang has built a solid reputation based on his talents as both an acrobatic performer and artistic director. Every year, along with the choreographer, and also his wife, Angela Chang, he attends different acrobatic competitions to constantly select the most elite performers to join the Golden Dragon Acrobats.