An Evening With: Royal Wood and Diana Chittester

Royal Wood

One of the most accomplished singer songwriters in Canada, Royal Wood takes on the world with the release of his new album GHOST LIGHT on Outside Music.

The rural kid who spent the past 15 years away from home, first in the bars of Montreal, then to the breakneck pace of corporate finance, and finally to the unpredictable world of a career musician has now returned home. Last year, Royal purchased the family farm. Most recently, he turned the farm organic by giving the land to young farmers trying to change the world. Royal Wood has accomplished many of his personal and professional goals in his native Canada, and it’s now time for the rest of the world to be introduced to this immensely talented and captivating performer. “Today, I find myself finally comfortable in my own skin. Finally making the music I always knew I was born to create. Finally acting independently of the good opinion of other people. I am simply following my bliss and seeing where it leads me.”



Diana Chittester

Diana Chittester stands alone on stage with her arsenal of acoustic guitars. Her solo show is brought to life by her signature percussive multi-part playing, mimicking a full band on a solo acoustic guitar without the help of loopers or other technological tricks, blended with intelligent and articulate lyrics. The personal stories and vulnerability she shares on stage resonate with audiences as she invites them along on her journey. Diana’s energetic solo show provides audiences with the full experience.