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What is Human Trafficking

The Campus Community is invited to a Sex Trafficking Presentation on Mon., April 25 in ST 126 from 2:30 - 4 p.m.  April Goss who is a recent KSU graduate and former KSU football team kicker will be presenting along with Greg Colbeck and Becky Moreland on the following topic:
 RAHAB Ministries: What is Human Trafficking 
In this training, RAHAB Ministries shines a light on the devastation social issue of sex trafficking. We will explore the legal definition of sex trafficking and the population it includes as victims. The presenters will also draw from RAHABs fourteen year history to use true stories to humanize the women who fall victim to such a horrifying crime. It’s not just overseas. It’s not just in poverty. Sex trafficking exists in your city. 


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