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Feeling stressed about...

  • course performance?

  • your physical or emotional health?

  • your finances?

If you're thinking you may want to withdraw from a course this semester, before you take action, let's talk. Kent State Tuscarawas has dedicated resources - for those exact reasons - to support you.

We’re here for you because Flashes take care of Flashes. We understand that COVID-19 has had an impact on our students and their families, and we want to offer every resource – financial assistance such as scholarships, payment plans and financial aid assistance along with counseling and healthcare.

The Flashes in the administration, faculty and staff will help you keep moving forward and we’ll do everything we can to help you graduate. 



Health & Wellness

We’re here to help! Kent State has dedicated resources just for these reasons — to support you. Reach out, let’s talk and see how we can help. 

Summer 2021 deadlines to withdraw:

  • Intersession - June 1
  • Summer I - July 1
  • Summer II - July 14
  • Summer III - August 5

The withdrawal deadline for flexibly scheduled courses can be found in the "Student Printable Schedule and Textbooks" section on Flashline.

 Your Studies

If you’re struggling in your coursework or feeling overwhelmed by studying, before you withdraw, reach out to your instructor to discuss your difficulties and your progress, Also, talk with your advisor to see what your options may be, including staying in the class, withdrawing, requesting an incomplete or taking the class pass/fail, if that’s an option for that specific course.

Need  Advising Help

Schedule an Advising Appointment

Academic Success

Connect with a variety of supports, including tutoring, accessibility services, and college success tips.

Tutoring Services

The Writing Center

Student Success Resources

Student Accessibility Services


 Your Finances

If you’re considering withdrawing because of financial concerns or due to a change in your family’s household income, Kent State Tuscarawas is here to help and can find possible solutions and options for your situation. You may be eligible for CARES Act assistance

Withdrawing from a course can impact your aid for the current term, could cause you to have a balance due, and can even impact your eligibility for aid in the future. IT’S ALWAYS BEST TO CHECK WITH FINANCIAL AID BEFORE YOU WITHDRAW!

Specific questions about aid/account impact of course withdrawal:

Jason Maurer, Financial Aid Coordinator
Phone: 330-308-7486 

Cheryl Walker, Financial Aid Representative
Phone: 330-308-7474 

Helpful Resources

Withdraw vs. Drop; How to Withdraw; Financial Impact of Withdrawing 
Future Aid Impact on Withdrawing – Satisfactory Academic Progress  
General Financial Aid Information

Important to Note

  • A withdrawal is shown as a “W” on the student transcript.

  • A withdrawal is NOT calculated in a student’s GPA.

  • A withdrawal DOES count as an attempted course.

  • A withdrawal COULD cause you to owe a balance, depending on your situation and timing. 

 Your Health & Well-being

Your overall well-being is key to your success. There are resources on campus that help you feel your best.

Flashes Take Care of Flashes.