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May 4th Voices

On May 4th 1970, National Guardsmen occupying Kent State University campus fired 67 shots in 13 seconds, leaving four students dead. This tragedy had a profound impact on our campus and the nation and is credited as being a catalyst in changing American’s views on the U.S. involvement in Vietnam.

Kent State University at Tuscarawas is proud to announce their 2015 Spring Production this year of David Hassler’s compelling script; May 4th Voices. This play is based on those events and drawn from real life testimony found in the Kent State Shootings Oral History Project. Comprised of over 110 interviews with Kent State faculty, students, administrators, National Guardsmen, police, hospital personnel and others affected by this day, this project represents a data trove of both history and community. Poet and playwright David Hassler has woven these stories together into a powerful narrative of that day and its aftermath that has become May 4th Voices.

This show will feature an ensemble cast that is not only comprised of students and staff from our campus, but this year due to the nature of this show and in recognition of that fact that the events portrayed in it did not just impact Kent State University but also the people that surround us, we welcomed members of our community to come be a part of this production as well.