Dr. Kathy Davis Patterson Receives Recognition

English Professor Recognized as Talented Artist

Dr. Kathy Davis Patterson is one of the well-respected professors in the Kent State Tuscarawas English Department. She has been employed at Kent State Tuscarawas since 2000, teaching College Writing I and II, Introduction to Creative Writing, Women's Literature, Children's Literature, Young Adult Literature, Fairy Tales and Great Books II, to name a few. 

“Working with students is my favorite part of my job,” says Dr. Patterson. “I am consistently inspired by their creativity, their energy and their enthusiasm for learning. They make me look forward to being in the classroom.”

Dr. Patterson’s talents extend beyond the classroom - she is also a talented artist. In July, Dr. Patterson was chosen by the Steubenville Art Association to showcase her work at Historic Fort Steuben. As the featured artist, she had four of her pencil and Prismacolor colored pencil originals on display.

“In addition to more traditional forms of 2-D art, such as drawing and painting, I also do cross stitch, crewel and ribbon embroidery,” adds Patterson. “I've designed Victorian-style beaded jewelry and ornaments, and painted ceramics. I've also been known to paint furniture!”

According to Dr. Patterson, “I have been an avid fan of everything fantastical for most of my life, and it’s my father’s fault. He introduced me to the joys of Godzilla movies and sci.fi./horror classics on Saturday afternoons, weekday reruns of the original Star Trek series, memorized songs and dialogue from Rankin Bass’s animated production of The Hobbit, and too many fantasy films to count. My mother helped me establish an early and lasting interest in the arts by regularly teaching me a variety of crafts, and being tolerant enough to hang the results on the fridge, the Christmas tree and occasionally even the wall.”


POSTED: Thursday, December 3, 2015 04:19 PM
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