Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Research

The 17th annual Student Research Colloquium will be held April 13 at 7 p.m. in Room 126 of the Science and Advanced Technology Center. Admission is free and open to the public. 

Every fall semester, Kent State Tuscarawas students are given the opportunity to submit a research proposal to the Student Affairs Committee which reviews and funds the proposals. Once selected, students work with a faculty mentor on rigorous and meaningful undergraduate research. Dr. Adrian Jones, assistant professor of sociology, who has been involved with the Student Research Colloquium for three years, serves as this year's chairman. 

Jones believes it is important for students to get involved in the project and colloquium. “I think it is very important for students to get hands-on experience doing research and, in general, participate in campus activities outside of the classroom,” says Jones. “Participation in the colloquium and other research activities shows that these students go above and beyond their normal duties as students. I think it is beneficial for students who are seeking employment, admission to graduate school and other important life transitions to show that they are willing to go above and beyond their normal routines.”

This year’s colloquium will showcase the research of nine students with six projects. Five outstanding faculty mentors who partnered with the students include Jones; Dr. Don Gerbig, associate professor of biology; Dr. Vlad Gurau, assistant professor of engineering; Dr. Scott Keiller, associate professor of psychology; and Dr. Jean Engohang-Ndong, assistant professor of biology.. 

In addition to Jones, the Student Research Project committee members are Dr. Gerbig; Bill Auld, assistant professor of theatre studies; Dr. Bao Qi Feng, associate professor of mathematics; James Carlton,lecturer of political science; Dr. Ashley Galati, assistant professor of psychology; Dr. Gurau, Dr. Kathy Davis Patterson, associate professor of English; and Elaine Mott, assistant professor of nursing. 

Jones encourages the public and the entire campus community to attend the colloquium on April 13. “Faculty, students and community members should attend the colloquium because it is a chance to see our students thriving in their academic disciplines,” explains Jones. “The colloquium provides examples of what mentorship and hard work can produce. Participation in this event enhances the cohesion between faculty and students and provides support for our students who worked very hard on their projects.”

2014-2015 Student Research Colloquium Proposed Projects:

Project 1
•    Title: Design and Fabrication of a Methanol Reformer for Production of Hydrogen as Fuel for High Temperature Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells
•    Presenters: Jantzen Allen, Blake Burell, Dietrick Vonallman, and John Snyder 
•    Mentor: Dr. Vladimir Gurau

Project 2
•    Title: An Examination of Self-Control and the Family Structure
•    Presenter: Melissa Bleininger
•    Mentor: Dr. Adrian Jones 

Project 3
•    Title: The Iron Metabolism of Mycobacterium Ulcerans 
•    Presenter: Naziha Bouhachem 
•    Mentor: Dr. Jean Engohang-Ndong 

Project 4
•    Title: Investigating Chemical Stress and Antibiotic Sensitivity of Escherichia Coli and Staphylococcus Epidermidis  
•    Presenter: Chase Steele 
•    Mentor: Dr. Don 

  • Mentor: Dr. Don Gerbig

Project 5

  • Title: Purification of the Putative Mycobacterium Ulcerans Iron-Dependent Regulator
  • Presenter: Tiffany Pankuch
  • Mentor: Dr. Jean Engohang-Ndong

Project 6

  • Title: Teaching Sexism to the Masses: Changing Depictions of Gender Roles in Popular TV from 1961-2008
  • Presenter: Breanna Sholtz
  • Mentor: Dr. Scott Keiller


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