Venue Information

Main Floor - First Floor

1st Floor  1st Floor

The first floor features the Reeves Foundation Lobby, box office, concessions, coat check and offices along with two large chorus dressing rooms, two star dressing rooms and a loading dock designed for a straight load onto the stage. Inside the theater, the first floor has seating for approximately 640.


Educational Wing - Second Floor

2nd Floor Classroom  2nd Floor Classroom

The second floor features a rehearsal room designed to accommodate 75 musicians, two large classrooms, faculty offices and restrooms.


Balcony - Third Floor

3rd Floor  3rd Floor

The third floor features the Gregg L. Andrews Upper Lobby, as well as a built-in bar area. Inside the theater, the balcony has seating for approximately 460. A very interesting feature of the balcony level is that the arms of the balcony start at the upper level and descend to connect to the stage level. (This is why the balcony arms are depicted on the 1st floor ground plan.) Also, please notice the two small curved areas on the north and south sides above the balcony arms. These are both lighting positions and playable areas located about 18' off the stage floor.