Reopening Safety Plan

The Performing Arts Center at Kent State Tuscarawas was built to hold up to 1,089 patrons. Our large footprint allows us to host events while easily keeping beyond the health and safety recommendations of the Ohio Health Department. Our goal is to exceed every required and recommended process and procedure in an effort to maintain a safe and healthy environment for all patrons, performers and staff. 


Compliance Manager

- David Mitchell (General Manager) is the designated compliance officer for this venue. His contact information is as follows:


Guests Guidelines

- We will require guests to wear face coverings at all times. 
- We will have face coverings available should any guest arrive without one.

- All expectations for the event and guest behavior will be clearly communicated through the ticket purchase process and included with their ticket /confirmation. No one will come to the event without a clear awareness of how this event will take place.
- Guests will be asked that if they are sick or symptomatic in any way, to not attend and put others at risk. 
- All guests will be asked to adhere to physical distancing rules.


PAC Staff Guidelines

- PAC Staff will set the highest of COVID-19 standards throughout the event. 
- PAC Staff will wear a mask at ALL times. 
- PAC Staff will practice physical distancing at all times. 
- PAC Staff will follow all of the other rules and guidelines set in place by the CDC, the state of Ohio, and Kent State University. 


Front of House / Lobby

- Ticket scanning will be located at the vestibule doors. Physical distancing stickers and stanchions will be placed outside along the walkways. The main entrance doors will be held open by volunteers to allow maximum fresh airflow into the lobby. 
- The main lobby doors of the PAC will serve as a one-way entrance before each show begins. The north/academic wing doors will serve as a one-way exit before each show begins. After each show, the audience will be divided and staff will release small groups to exit one group at a time. 
- Patrons will be given staggered entrance times. The entrance time will be marked on their ticket. Those arriving before their entrance time will be asked to wait in their car. 
- No programs will be available. 
- Signage has been placed in the elevator indicating maximum capacity (one family/household unit at a time). Volunteers will be positioned outside each elevator door to monitor the traffic and enforce capacity limits. 
- Signage on all the video monitors in the lobby to remind patrons to social distance and to ensure their mask covers their nose and mouth at all times. 
- No concessions will be available. 
- Congregating in the lobby before or after the performance will be prohibited. 
- All entry doors to the theatre will be held open by volunteers, maximizing outside air to flow in and prevent patrons from touching the door handles. 
- Directional tape on the floor and stanchions for single direction foot traffic. 


Ticketing / Seating / Box Office

- All attendees are required to purchase tickets and pay in advance eliminating any transactions the night of the event. 
- TOUCHLESS ticketing. Patrons will have the option to have their tickets mailed or emailed ahead of each show. 
- No more than four (4) patrons in one group/transaction. – ALL PATRON GROUPS WILL BE SEPARATED BY A MINIMUM OF SIX FEET IN ALL DIRECTIONS. 
- Single household groups up to six (6) will be accommodated. 
- Plexiglass partition at Box Office Windows. 
- “Know Before You Go” letter will be mailed out with the tickets. 
- No sales the night of the performances. 
- All aisle seats will be blocked off. 
- All patrons will be called and emailed (when possible) to ask if they have any questions on the rules and expectations when they arrive. 
- Unsold seats will be taped off. 
- A minimum of 12 feet will be between the performers and the first patrons. Performers will be instructed not to perform on the thrust of the PAC stage. 
- Trained staff will be inside the theatre constantly monitoring that social distancing is in compliance. 

- All tickets sold in "seating pods" - groups of seats that together are spaced at least six feet apart from the nearest pod.

Main Floor Pod Seating Chart    Balcony Pod Seating Chart


Backstage / Onstage

- Audio announcement before the show to remind the audience to maintain social distancing, masks need to remain on and covering both their mouth and nose and to remain seated after the show until their section is released to exit the building. 
- Performers will be required to wear face masks until they start performing. 
- Performers will not be allowed to congregate backstage but go immediately to their dressing room. 



- Guests can release themselves to utilize the restrooms inside the PAC lobby. 
- All bathroom doors will be propped open. 
- PAC Staff will hold outside lobby doors open so guests do not have to touch doors. 
- Once in the lobby, entry/exit paths will be marked on the floor to ensure 6 feet of physical distance is maintained. 
- Spacing markings will be placed on the floor to ensure those waiting in line maintain 6 feet physical distance between guests. 
- Restrooms will be cleaned and disinfected by trained staff throughout each event.


Other Information

- There will be several easily accessible and identified with signage sanitation stations at the event within the PAC lobby. 
- All events will be performed without intermission. 
- Trained staff will monitor any high-touch surfaces and sanitize frequently. 
- All seating benches and café tables will be removed from the lobby.
- Hand sanitizing station at all doors and throughout venue common spaces. 
- Disposable face masks will be available for any patrons who don’t have one. 
- The Performing Arts Center will be cleaned and sanitized before any staff can return. 


Non-Compliance Remedies

- Patrons found to be non-compliant with any of the prescribed policies above will be given the chance to remedy their actions after sufficient notice from the Compliance Manager. 
- Repeated issues with the same patron may result in said patron being asked to vacate the premises. 
- Off-duty police officers from the New Philadelphia Police Department will be present at every event. In the unlikely event that a patron is asked to vacate the premises, these officers will be asked to enforce this request. 


The key to success is very clear coordinated planning and very clear communication in advance to participants to understand expectations.