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Student Colloquium

Kent State University at Tuscarawas is pleased to offer students the opportunity to expand their academic involvement beyond the classroom through funded research projects. All Kent State Tuscarawas students are eligible to apply for research awards and participate in the Student Colloquium.


The Student Colloquium offers students an opportunity to learn the skills and methodologies of applied and/or basic research while exploring an area of personal interest. Students work closely with faculty members to generate ideas, create research proposals, conduct research, prepare a professional research paper, and present their findings. Students gain first-hand experience collecting data, conducting analyses, and presenting findings. Students who participate in the colloquium learn skills that are important for furthering their education and gaining employment in their respective fields. Some students have presented their research that they developed for the colloquium at national conferences.    

Recent research topics have included subjects as diverse as popular culture and comic icons, conscientious objectors during WWII, hydrogen fuel cells, and antibiotic sensitivity.  

Important Dates:

Student Colloquium Deadline: The proposal is due November 17, 2017, and the date of the Colloquium is April 16, 2018.

Student Travel Deadlines: Applications for Fall 2017 are due October 27, 2017; for Spring/Summer 2018 the due date is February 16, 2018.

Student Conferences Deadlines: Applications for Spring 2018 are due November 10, 2017; for Fall 2018 the due date is April 13, 2018.


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For more information, contact: Dr. Ashley Galati, chair of the Student Affairs Committee, at or 330-308-7443.

Student Affairs Committee:
  • Dr. Ashley Galati (Chair), Assistant Professor of Psychology
  • Bill Auld, Assistant Professor of Theatre Studies
  • Dr. Jie Chen, Professor of Engineering Technology
  • Dr. Roshinee Costa, Lecturer of Chemistry
  • Dr. Kathy Davis Patterson, Associate Professor of English
  • Dr. Wensheng Kang, Associate Professor of Economics
  • Dr. M. Karen Powers, Associate Professor of English
  • Chitra Rajagopal, Associate Professor of Engineering Technology



"Hello Dr. Gerbig, I've been adjusting to the college life at OSU long enough to try my hand at getting involved in research. I contacted a professor who wants to meet with me this coming Monday, the 13th. His name is Dr. Wood, and here's the link to his laboratory website. I was just wondering if you knew what I might be getting into if you could look at his lab/studies. Normally, freshman aren't even considered, so I'm really hopeful that he is even meeting with me. But I want to know what I may be getting involved in.  Also, I've been thinking of switching my major to microbiology, and wondered what your thoughts on that might be. Is it a good major/job security? I really enjoyed the work I did with you at Kent and feel like that is something I could see myself getting much more involved with, looking at different pathogens/bacteria and trying to find more efficient/new cures.

Thanks, David Marshall