Student Projects

The Student Colloquium at Kent State Tuscarawas is pleased to offer students the opportunity to expand their academic involvement beyond the classroom through funded research projects. The Student Colloquium offers students an opportunity to learn the skills and methodologies of applied and/or basic research while exploring an area of personal interest. Students work closely with a faculty member to generate ideas, create research proposals, conduct research, prepare a professional research paper and present their findings.

Recent Student Colloquium Projects
2014 Undergraduate Student Research Colloquium (Student Participants, Mentors and Project Titles)

Luke Siegler (EERT), Jantzen Allen (Freshman, Engineering Technology major) and Dietrick B. Vonallman (Sophomore, Engineering Technology major) Title: Design and Fabrication of a Methanol Reformer for Production of Hydrogen as Fuel for High Temperature Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells. Mentor: Dr. Vladimir Garau

David Marshall (Sophomore – Early Admission – Option B) Title: investigating cold-temperature stress of Pseudomonas putida and antibiotic sensitivity. Mentor: Dr. Donald G. Gerbig

Clay Cole (sophomore, chemistry major) Title: Midterm Progress report on Antimicrobial Combinations of PNU-100480 and BTZ043 with Clarithromycin and Moxifloxacin Against Mycobacterium Ulcerans. Mentor: Dr. Jean Engohang-Ndong

Jonathan Miday (Senior, English major) Tittle: Truth, Justice, and all that Stuff: Superman and America over the last 75 years. Mentor: Dr. Christopher Roman

Ryan Z. Byler (Sophomore, Biology major) Title: The Effect of Au@ZnMoS4 Nanoparticles on Bovine SOD Enzyme's Activity. Mentor: Dr. Zhiqiang Wang

Corey Zickel (Sophomore, Physics major) Title: Fibonacci Sequence, The Golden Mean and Trigonometric Function Values of Special Angles Mentor: Dr. Lovejoy Das


Student Research Projects from the 2011 -2012 Academic Year

Julie Levengood-Stephon

Luke Sigler and Michael Williams

Conner Tidrick 

Student Research Projects from the 2010 -2011 Academic Year

Brent Bear

Emilie Hershberger-Kirk

Catherine Lawson

Kelly Maddock, Veronica Studer and Elizabeth Studer

Summary from "The Male Beauty Myth: Bigorexia and Other Effects of Gender Stereotype," Research by student, Gabrielle Neavin and Mason Nottingham.

Eating disorders disproportionately affect female populations. It is hypothesized that the pressure from idealized media portrayals of the female body plays a major role in the creations of this social problem. Accepting this hypothesis as valid, it is logical to conclude that as media portrayals of the human body change, so do our own perceptions. Unfortunately, a trend in modern advertising is to idealize male bodies to the same absurd level that has created mental and physical disorders in female populations. By surveying a large sample of Introduction to Sociology students we hope to investigate how males and females view their body, the medias portrayal of the human body and the resulting mental health differences.