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Tuition & Fees

Affordability! Kent State Tuscarawas is pleased to offer quality education at an affordable cost. 

With tuition starting as low as $2832 per semester, Kent State Tuscarawas offers an exceptional value! Students receive individual attention and quality instruction from top-notch faculty on a friendly and active campus. Your tuition dollars are well-invested when you take advantage of our many opportunities for research, service-learning, cultural experience, and engagement with faculty, staff and our community. And, our financial aid office is here to help you get the financial support you need to pay for your education.

Kent State Tuscarawas Tuition



FALL 2014 - SPRING 2015:





$5664 per year, full-time** $6638 per year, full-time**


$2832 per semester, full-time** $3319 per semester, full-time**

credit hour

$258 per credit hour $302 per credit hour

*Lower Division includes course numbers from 10000 to 20000, and Upper Division includes course numbers from 30000 to 40000.

** Full-time tuition applies to 11+ credit hours per semester. Full-time status (for financial aid, scholarship, insurance and other purposes) requires at least 12 credit hour per semester.

Important Notes

Out of County Fee: Residents of counties other than Tuscarawas will be assessed an additional $1.00 per semester out-of-county fee.

Overload Fee: Students enrolled at both a Regional campus and the Kent campus for more than 16 credit hours will be assessed an additional $456 per credit hour for each credit hour enrolled above 16.

Online Course Fees: There is an additional $84 per credit hour instructional fee for lower division and $65 per credit hour instructional fee for upper division fully online regional campuses courses. This fee excludes online courses associated exclusively with the Associate of Applied Science, Associate of Technical Studies, and Associate of Applied Business programs.

Other Fees: Tuition amounts above do not include program fees, special course fees, online and distance learning fees, etc.

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