Tuscarawas Campus Faculty Council Meeting Minutes September 10, 2014

Faculty Present: Akpan, Baker, Bihn-Coss, Brindley, Das, Engohang-Ndong, Feng, Fuller, Gerbig, Graff, Harding, Hediger, Hoffman, Jewell, Jones, Kang, Galati, Keiller, Larrick, Lashley, Li, Minnick, Newman, Osikiewicz B., Osikiewicz, J., Pech, Petitte, Rajagopal, Roman, Willey

Administrators Present: Bielski, Conrad, Donley, Haldar

I Call to Order and determination of Quorum


Willey called the meeting to order at 4:05 pm; Quorum ascertained.


II Approval of April 7, 2014 minutes


 Unanimous approval of the April minutes (Galati/Pech)


III Treasurer’s Report


Since the last faculty council meeting on 7 April 2014, when the balance of the flower fund was $1,128.11, there were withdrawals to the sum of $492.89 and deposits of $390. Out of the $390 deposits, Trustee payment & cash for Spring 2014 picnic was $310, and flower fund contributions were $80. The balance to date is $1,025.22. The flower fund contributions for this academic year remain at $20. Donations are now being accepted by Akpan. You can pay by cash or check, (made payable to “Tuscarawas Campus University Foundation”).


IV Chairperson’s Report


Willey welcomed back faculty and administrators and thanked them for attending the meeting at a new time (and for participating in the Doodle about when to meet). The chair’s report follows:


A. Committee placement and charges were placed in everyone’s mail box earlier this

week. Please let me know if you have any questions.

1. Planning to convene monthly meetings with standing committee chairs and FC

officers as a working group and to help streamline committee work. This would

be the first time such cabinet-type meetings have occurred in our FC. Thanked

all who offered to serve as chairs, and to those who are chairing.

2. Charges can change over the course of the year and can be suggested at any

time. If any issues pop up that need addressed, the standing committees can be

a tool.

3. The Representative Faculty Council Task Force will be meeting shortly,

followed by a town hall meeting. The intention is to spend a couple of

weeks opening up the discussion to include a variety of possible models,

and then survey the entire council on what models seem most workable.

Then, the task force will work on the most popular models, continuing to

refine them with town hall meeting input.

B. Official welcome to Dean Bielski on his first faculty council meeting at KSU

Tuscarawas, and thanked him for inviting our Vice Chair to Dean’s Cabinet meetings.

This is seen as an important step forward for better communication on our campus.

C. Thanks to Pam Patacca for helping Faculty Council to establish a web presence and

a place to keep minutes. Everyone will be informed of the link as soon as it is live.

D. Committee chairs and administrators should remember to send Akpan any reports

for the purpose of making minutes easier.

E. RCFAC Meeting May 12:

1. Provost’s Advisory Committee:

1. Look for more discussion of Kent awarding associate’s degrees. (The Governor has changed his mind). Dr. Thomas says that only the Associate of Arts and Associate of Science would be awarded at Kent.

2. Provost Diacon is looking for units to clarify language about criteria for reappointment, tenure and promotion, and also hopes to streamline the process by combining the Tenure and Promotion Advisory Boards.

3. Salary disparity between Kent and Regional colleagues was discussed, and Provost Diacon asked for “data points”, which Chair Ciuba acquired, along with contacting Deb Smith and the AAUP. Dr. Smith will be invited to a RCFAC meeting to discuss the issue this year.

2. Student Bad Debt/University Services Fee

o RCFAC resolves that the “University services fee should be based on collected revenue and supports the spirit of the Faculty Council resolutions”—one from each campus was presented. This was sent to Provost Diacon, VP Floyd, and the Faculty Senate Budget Advisory Committee.

3. RCFAC discussed about regional campuses criteria for Promotion to Full Professor. This led to consultation with AAUP about weighting, so probably more discussion this fall.

4. Future of the Regional Campuses was discussed at length, in light of Dean transitions last year (with our campus being the only one with a successful search and appointment.) The issue of the “dean” title was discussed. It is hoped that 1UC (One University Commission) will handle some of these issues.

5. There has been some ongoing discussion of NTT Full and Simplified reviews, and the type of documentation required. When/if we update those requirements for our handbook, we want to be mindful of CBA documentation requirements, which will of course trump handbook requirements.

F. Finally, all of RCFAC have been appointed to 1UC. The first meeting will be September 25th. All will be updated and feedback requested as we begin work on that initiative. I do know there will be 28 members, over half of whom are from

regionals, and there will be four working groups. Provost Diacon is asking for recommendations by March 2015.


V Faculty Senate Report


Minnick reported that there have been five Faculty Senate meetings since the last faculty meeting.


A. At the April 14, 2014 meeting, Faculty Senate:

1. The Provost addressed the tracking of student attendance. Approximately 1/3 of students are receiving federal funds. If these students do not complete the semester, the student must pay back those funds. If they fail to, the University is responsible for the payback, placing a large financial burden on the system. Tracking attendance will be emphasized at the start of the Fall 2014 semester.

2. The Provost gave updates on mandatory advising for all freshmen and sophomores before being allowed to register for classes. Starting in Fall 2014, this mandatory advising will be required for juniors as well. Faculty members involved in academic advising who wish to be able to remove a registration hold must attend a four hour advising seminar to ensure they understand the current general education requirements.

3. New Senate Officers were elected for the next academic year:

o Chair: Donna Lee Fox-Cardamone, Associate Professor of Psychology, Stark Campus

o Vice-Chair: Deborah Smith, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Kent Campus

o Secretary: Thomas Janson, Professor of Music, Kent Campus

o At-Large: Fred Smith, Professor of Art Education, Kent Campus

4. A motion was passed to rename the College of Applied Engineering, Sustainability and Technology to the College of Aeronautics, Applied Engineering and Construction Management to better reflect the makeup of the college.

5. Several other EPC items were tabled due to a lack of a quorum.

B. At the May 12, 2014 meeting, Faculty Senate:

1. President Lefton gave a state of the university and farewell speech.

2. Chair Farrell gave a farewell speech.

3. John Marino, Associate Professor of Business Technology, Trumbull Campus was elected as the Ohio Faculty Council Representative.

4. A resolution on the Procedural Failures in the Presidential search was unanimously passed.

C. At the July 12, 2014 meeting, Faculty Senate:

1. President Warren gave her first address to the Senate. She stated that the faculty define the strength of the university and that each faculty member has a role to play. She pledged that the faculty and administration will work together

in the framework of shared governance. However, she noted that not everything would require a faculty vote. She also announced the start of her Presidential Listening Tour.

2. An EPC item was approved to establish a Cooperative Education Program that will allow eligible undergraduate students to augment their academic study with an approved semester of full-time, career-related employment while still

remaining a full-time student. A pilot program is to be initiated in the Fall 2014 semester to work out problems before allowing departments to implement their own programs.

3. A change to the Administrative Policy Regarding Research Involving Human Subjects was approved to bring it into adherence with all current federal policy regulations. No changes to the approval process or in IRB practices are anticipated, and no changes to the application form are required.

D. At the September 8, 2014 meeting, Faculty Senate:

1. President Warren talked about her Presidential Listening Tour results so far. She has held 26 events and intends to make it 50 by the end of the academic year, including some coast-to-coast alumni events. She will be holding an open forum town-hall event in the Kiva on September 18 from 4-5 pm. All are encouraged to attend.

2. President Warren stated that she will be launching a “branding initiative” to determine ways to get Kent State more out into the public awareness nationwide. This will be more than an advertising campaign and she intend to hire external firms as well as hold internal meetings to help this along.

3. President Warren announced the following statistics: 4242 freshman students entering in the Fall with an average GPA of 3.34 and an average combined ACT score of 23; 1st year retention rate of 81.4%; a graduation rate of 54.8%.

4. President Warren talked about her new “Got 15” campaign where students will be strongly encouraged to take 15 credit hours per semester for eight semesters in order to graduate in four years. This is being done to prevent students from

accumulating excessive debt and to improve graduation rates.

5. President Warren outlined five ideas she intends to explore this academic year:

(1) How to ensure a “student first” focus. (2) How to enhance the Kent State University identity. (3) How to increase global competitiveness using collaborative interdisciplinary research strands. (4) How to define and leverage

local/regional assets for a larger impact. (5) How to plan for a sustainable and vibrant future.

6. Presentation was made about CurricUNET, a web-based system for submitting, tracking, and approving curriculum. This system will be the only way, starting after May 2015, to propose new courses, revise or inactivate courses, propose a new major, minor, or certificate, revise or inactivate a major, minor or certificate, review curricular proposals from other departments, or establish a new academic policy.

7. Name change from the Faculty Professional Development Center to the Center for Teaching and Learning was unanimously approved to reflect the center’s shift in focus.

8. Votes were taken to reaffirm a proposal (originally passed in September 2010) to amend the Faculty Senate Charter and Bylaws to establish membership for the Regional College. The proposal failed to make it to the Board of Trustees earlier for unknown reasons, so will be sent back to them for final approval.

E. Note: Faculty Senate meeting minutes, agendas, and other materials may be found on the Faculty Senate website: www2.kent.edu/facultysenate/index.cfm


VI Committee Reports


Standing Committee Reports


A. Academic Affairs - no report


B. Faculty Affairs – no report


C. Electronic Communications – no report


D. Library


1. The Library Committee would like to draw your attention to the Fall 2014 Newsletter, distributed this week (week 3 of Fall 2014) to everyone's box (it is titled "Academic Learning Commons"). This Fall, the library has already offered

one workshop on Discover@Kent, on Monday, September 8. Another workshop is upcoming, on Monday, September 22, at noon. We encourage everyone to offer students extra credit to attend.

2. We would also like to remind you to schedule library instruction for your classes and to take advantage of course guides, which the library can prepare for you. More information about those items is on the Newsletter.

3. On Thursdays, the library is hosting Game Nights from 6 to 8 pm. Scrabble, Pictionary, Chess, and more will be available, and free popcorn will be provided.


E. Student Affairs – no report


 Ad Hoc Committees


A. Artist Lecture Committee – no report


B. Diversity Committee – no report


C. Service Learning Committee

1. Dr. Harding reported that, there are community partners who have service learning projects, and looking to partner with faculty/students for this purpose. Interested faculty looking for such opportunities to engage in service learning in the Spring 2015 semester should contact Dr. Harding.

o Dr. Das indicating interest asked if there are possible service learning projects that may be suitable for mathematics related subject areas. Or, if any service learning projects in these areas have been done in the past.

o There are service learning projects involving statistical analysis, and there will be brown bag session on 28 October 2014 at 1pm for those interested to learn more about service learning.


D. Safety Committee – no report


VII Unfinished Business


There was no unfinished business.


VIII New Business


A. A motion to grant Linda McIntosh Liptok Emeritus Status and recommended to Dean Bielski that she receive the honor by Roman/Retitte was approved with a vote of 30 yes, 0 no, and 0 abstentions.

B. Take a Friend to Class Day:

1. Advising staff are looking for a proposed time frame for the take a friend to class initiative (that is voluntary).

2. Discussions and recommendations were requested; week 9 and 10 during the Fall semesters suggested and agreed; participation by faculty is voluntary.

3. This will be assessed to see if this will also be done in the Spring semesters

C. Regional Campuses Calculation of Summer Breakeven Number

1. The way summer “break even” is calculated was discussed at May 2014 RCFAC. Currently, cost is our salary and benefits, and revenue is tuition minus service fee.

2. A fairer way to calculate would be based on revenue showing tuition plus state subsidies.

3. Dr. Thomas admitted that this has been more complicated for administrators than they originally had hoped also.

4. The point is: there may be room to re-work this as we are renegotiating our next contract.

5. Discussion followed about the breakdown of benefits, and there was general support for including subsidies.

D. TT/NTT hiring on the regional campuses.

1. Due to the fact that only Kent and Stark have hired more TTs than NTTs since 2000 (our campus was close, with 22 TTs and 23 NTTs), some of the RCFAC chairs are concerned with how this is changing our regional campus

cultures/shared governance.

2. A hearty discussion about the importance of preserving TT lines, particularly in disciplines where it makes the most sense, and recognizing that our NTT colleagues are extremely valuable and some disciplines are better suited to NTT lines.

3. RCFAC is hoping for resolutions endorsing the protection of TT lines in the regional college.

4. The 1UC will be a good forum for exploring this area, but Willey requested feedback for RCFAC. Discussion ensued.


IX Administrator Reports


A. Dean’s Report

1. Enrollment: As of 9/8/2014, 2304 enrollment headcount. 4.6% decline, rate of decline was lower than prior years, but not good. 363 are high school students. Revenue is also reflective of a 5% decline. Walt notes that to date, we believe we will be covered by the contingency in the current year budget. No plans for actual cuts at this time.

2. Scheduling task force. Basic criteria for scheduling, course cancelations, offerings etc. eyes of a student enrolled in a major.

3. Will be having a retreat soon with members of the administration to discuss further strategy related to enrollment management.

4. News from Kent, Colleges of Business and Nursing. Proposed changes to BBA program and RN to BSN. Potential further loss of enrollment and service to our community.

5. Position is launched for director of engineering and technology program. Search committee to be appointed soon. Sept 27th is the projected date.

6. Asked Laurie Donely to serve as title 9 coordinator.

7. Social media strategy. Easy way to create awareness. ksutusc and tuscdean are the two new twitter accounts; also Instagram and Facebook.

8. Web redesign is ongoing. Want to include phrases like quality, value and affordability in our future marketing materials. Looking for any suggestions

9. Professional leave guidelines just came out a few minutes ago

10. Outside employment approval forms are required if you are working elsewhere.


B. Assistant Dean’s Report


1. United Way Campaign

o Begins very soon

o Pledge form in everyone’s mailbox plus information about United Way and how the monies collected are distributed in the community

o As last year, several events will be occurring that will support the United Way, including Halloween and Thanksgiving events

o Student Activities Council will also support the events

o The Tuscarawas Community has consistently supported our Campus.

o Now it is OUR time to support the community.

o Please give to the United Way and we thank you in advance.

2. Summer 2015 Teaching at Another Regional Campus Reminder:

o If you would like to teach on another regional campus for summer 2015, please let that Campus know by November 15. Send a written request to the Assistant Dean’s Office of that regional campus. Soon you should be receiving a letter or email regarding this procedure.

3. CurricUNET (New Storage System)

o a web-based system for submitting, tracking and approving curriculum.

o Also will serve as a storage system for

- Current courses

- Program requirements

- Course outlines

o Uses:

- New courses; revise or inactivate a course

- New major, minor, or certificate; revise or inactivate a major, minor or certificate

- Review curricular proposals from other departments

4. Other Reports

o Course impact report – the impact of updated and new curriculum on other departments and other programs requiring the courses (as required courses, pre-reqs, electives) May 20, 2015 - last meeting that EPC will accept current processes.

o Summer 2015: only CurricUNET

o Very similar to our current workflow

o Common Scheduling of Classes among Regional Campuses: Regional College office is investigating ways to streamline the number of sections of web courses opened and run by regional campuses, particularly when the sections are not full. This is still being investigated, no conclusions made.


C. Other Administrator Reports


1. Donley reported on demographics for new fall 2014 freshman. The age of new freshman continues to decline. Last year the average age was 20 and this year it is 19. New freshman 21 or younger are 92% of the entering freshman for fall 2014. In fall 2013, the number was 85.8%.

2. We continue to see an average and median ACT composite score of 20. The median high school GPA is 3.03 and the average is 2.94.

3. As we saw in last year’s entering freshman our students continue to improve in college readiness in reading. 79.2% of students required no remediation in Reading; last year was 74.4%. For fall 2014, 61% required no remediation in English, down from 74.1% in fall 2013. Mathematics remediation was required by 55.7% of new freshmen for fall 2014, down from 79.3% in fall 2013. This change is due in large part to the State of Ohio Remediation Free standards going into effect for fall 2014.

4. We are down in enrollment for fall 2014. This is a trend happening nationwide. Our enrollment continues to be impacted by lower entering freshmen classes and fewer adult new freshmen.


X Announcements

• Brown bag on Service Learning on 28 October 2014, 1pm.

• Kent State University at Tuscarawas & the Kent State Tuscarawas Lions Club will present “a week of wellness” from October 6 – 10, 2014.

• Chili cook-off to support the education club on September 30, 2014.


XI Adjournment


The meeting was adjourned at 5:30 pm (Das/Minnick)

Respectfully submitted,

Justice Akpan

Tuscarawas FC Secretary/Treasurer