Veterinary Technology Students In Action

Take a look at the photos below to see our Veterinary Technology students applying their knowledge and skills in laboratory and practical experiences.

Nursing I Lab (VTEC 10002)

VTEC-10002-pic1 VTEC-10002-pic2

Surgery & Anesthesia Lab (VTEC 20212)

VTEC-20212-pic1 VTEC-20212-pic2
VTEC-20212-pic3 VTEC-20212-PIC4

Nursing III Lab (VTEC 20009)

VTEC-20009-Pic1 VTEC-20009-Pic2
VTEC-20009-Pic3 VTEC-20009-Pic4
VTEC-20009-Pic5 VTEC-20009-Pic6

Clinical Laboratory I & II (VTEC 10204 & 20008)

VTEC-10204-20008-Pic1 VTEC-10204-20008-Pic2

Nursing & Hospital Procedures Lab (VTEC 20214)