Wallace Coleman

A self-taught musician, Coleman played the harmonica on his breaks at work.  One day a co-worker brought his cousin to the jobsite to hear Coleman play.  That meeting sparked a year-long pairing with Cleveland’s Guitar Slim at the Cascade Lounge.  A real Blues juke joint setting nestled in his city of Cleveland where he could play good old Blues was more than Coleman thought he could ask for.  

The Cascade Lounge is where Coleman caught the ear of Robert Jr. Lockwood, who had come to hear him play.  Lockwood liked what he heard.  He asked Coleman to join his band.  Coleman had a while longer to work in order to retire from his full-time job.  Lockwood asked Coleman to call him after he retired.  

Coleman’s introduction to the 1950-60s Cleveland blues scene meant seeing as many of the touring artists as possible.  In the 1960s, Lockwood and Sonny Boy Williamson II, who had been performing together in the south, made their way to Cleveland via Chicago, taking up residence and performing.

With his Ella Mae Music label, Coleman has produced four CDs- “Stretch My Money,” “Live At Joe’s,” “The Bad Weather Blues,” Remembering Robert Jr. Lockwood all critically acclaimed in the US and abroad.

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