Good news! The benefits of a Kent State University education are more relevant, desirable and valuable than ever before. Nevertheless, the need to articulate and promote what is undeniably Kent State remains unabated in the increasingly competitive environment of higher education.

We need to spread the good news. We are a collective force — not just the marketing and communications professionals, but faculty, administrators at all levels, staff members, alumni and students. Working together, we can continue to build widespread, public awareness of Kent State’s distinctive blend of teaching, research and creative excellence. At the same time, we cultivate an appreciation for the university’s significant contributions to the quality of life and economic development of Northeast Ohio and beyond.

University Communications and Marketing conducts annual market research to identify the marketing needs and current positioning of the university. Guided by those findings, we develop a comprehensive communications and marketing plan to shine a light on Kent State's strengths and promote what is undeniably Kent State.

The Guide to Marketing supports that plan. More than a handbook for individuals and departments involved in promoting Kent State, the guide includes policies, standards and resources necessary for planning and executing brand awareness throughout our campuses. Efforts to strengthen brand awareness include the use of the trademark sentence (i.e., Kent State University, Kent State and KSU are registered trademarks and may not be used without permission.) and the registered logos. But beyond that, our efforts will focus on telling others about Kent State’s people, programs and inclusive environment. 

These efforts will be reinforced through the application of clearly defined standards for design, photography, content and other elements of the Kent State brand. Your cooperation in adhering to policies and brand standards will help Kent State follow the strategic roadmap to articulate and promote Kent State's distinctive institutional identity.

For information specific to your marketing needs, choose from the links in the left-hand navigation to get started. Access Kent State Guide to Brand website.

If you have questions relating to Kent State’s band or about producing marketing communications, see Frequently Asked Questions or contact University Communications and Marketing at 330-672-2727.