Surplus Furniture & Equipment

Disposal of Surplus Furniture and Equipment

University surplus furniture and equipment is collected and redistributed by our Receiving and Distribution staff. The Procurement Department Surplus Equipment website enables departments to choose among four options for the disposal of surplus items and equipment. Departments may post unwanted furniture and equipment that may be of useful value to other departments.

A department may post an item for 30 days. If an item is claimed by another department, a work order will be initiated by the interested party to arrange for pick up and delivery. These requests can be made by contacting Jeff Brewster, Receiving and Distribution Supervisor at 330-672-8704.

If an item remains unclaimed after a 30 day period, the items will be removed from the website and picked up by our Receiving and Distribution Staff. Unwanted items will be transferred to the university's surplus vendor for resale to the public.

Other options for disposal of surplus include on-line auctions, sale bid, and electronic equipment disposal.

For additional information:

If additional information is required please go to the Procurement Department Surplus Equipment website.