FlashTrack Work Requests

PHONE: 330-672-2345
FAX: 330-672-2956
WEBSITE: https://www.kent.edu/ufm/work-ordersflashtrack

University Facilities Management’s work request system, FlashTrack, is offered to Kent State University departments in effort to expedite the process of requesting and tracking maintenance, repair and custodial services for Kent Campus buildings and grounds. In Kent State’s academic and administrative buildings, all requests for minor repairs should be made using the FlashTrack online work request system via: https://solutions.kent.edu/flashtrack.

For security issues, an actual department head signature (or their designee) must be on file for card requests from the Lock Shop; card requests must be accompanied by an “Electronic Lock” form. For hard keys, a work request with the employee’s Kent State ID number (Banner ID number) is required.

Please create and complete the online work request using FlashTrack when requesting repair and maintenance of existing facilities and building equipment, such as door locks, lighting, heating and cooling systems. FlashTrack should also be used when requesting maintenance, repair, grounds keeping and custodial services for events that are planned through the University Events and Conference Services or Intercollegiate Athletics.

When completing a request in FlashTrack, the request will be automatically assigned to the correct Zone according to the building information entered. If a maintenance supervisor determines that the work is beyond the typical scope of the zone staff’s responsibilities, the work request will be routed to the appropriate shop to address. Upon receipt of a request for work, the requestor will receive an email notification indicating that the request has been received. The email will also provide a service request and issue a work order number which can be used for tracking purposes.

Building Curators are able to track work requests through FlashTrack located under ‘My Work Order’ in FlashTrack. Any question or access issues please contact the FAMIS systems specialist at 330-672-2886.

Improvements and/or enhancements to Kent Campus buildings, offices and grounds that require planning and scheduling of University Facilities Management’s skilled craft trade shops may also require approval of and participation by the Office of the University Architect. These types of special requests necessitate the identification of funding for the project or service. If a department is considering or planning a change of usage of an area or space, please refer to the section on the Office of the University Architect. Initiate a SPACE Request via FlashTrack: https://solutions.kent.edu/flashtrack when requesting a change to a space or facility. A SPACE Request must be completed whenever the space assignment involves new space (temporary or permanent), the space involved is currently assigned to more than one college or VP area, the proposed space will involve occupancy by more than one college or VP area, or is a classroom, lecture hall, seminar space or laboratory.