Sneak Peek of Projects Preparing to Bid Soon

Sneak Peek of Other Construction Projects Under Design and Preparing to Bid . . .

Trumbull Library and Link Window Replacement KSU-19S704
This project consists of two portions of window replacements for the Kent State University at Trumbull Library-Theater Building and the Link. The Library portion of the project involves removal and replacement of the existing punched opening, single pane windows and doors. The Link portion will maintain and refinish the glass curtain wall framing and replace the glazing and insulated metal panels. Kent State is currently contracting with Sara Stucky Stayner, Architect, LLC to design this project. This Capitally-funded, General Contracting project is being managed via OAKS-CI.

Trumbull Main Classroom Building New Elevator KSU-19L703
The existing elevator within the Trumbull Main Classroom Building is small, outdated and does not meet Americans with Disabilities Act requirements. The current elevator shaft size and its location do not permit expansion of the existing unit, therefore requiring the need to prepare a new location for the elevator. This project involves interior renovations to construct a new elevator shaft and install a new elevator within the building. SoL Harris/Day Architecture, Inc. was recently selected to design this project. This General Contracting project is being managed via OAKS-CI.