Academic Diversity Outreach in University College engages you in life-changing experiences for academic success, helping you reach your full potential and graduate. We Help YOU Make Graduation Happen! 

We Provide…

  • Programs and initiatives that help you stay on track towards graduation and implement successful future career strategies. 
  • Environments that foster intentional and meaningful faculty, staff and peer interactions. 
  • Support for all, including racially diverse, first-generation college, and limited-income students. 
  • Collaboration with exiting offices to help you pay for college. 

Please visit us in The Center for Undergraduate Excellence (CUE) 151.
A member of our team will be happy to meet with you and share more information
about our resources and your eligibility.

Success Coaching moves students toward achieving their academic goals while focusing on school and life balance.

To increase retention rates – and ultimately graduation rates – Kent State created its first-ever Summer Advantage Program through University College’s Academic Diversity Outreach department.

Summer Advantage is an educational journey based on career exploration, success coaching and academic coursework. Summer Advantage is designed to assist underrepresented students to graduate in four years and envision a path for the future by building a support network of peers and professional staff.