ado connections llc

The Learning Community will provide Linked Course experiences, Career Exploration and Success Coaching, as well as Student Involvement programming. These experiences will provide support while building community amongst a dynamic population of students in their first or sophomore year.  
Targeted Population: Underrepresented and first year student, first-generation and/or from a low socioeconomic background.


  • To foster persistence through intentional academic guidance and support
  • To create community that fosters a greater sense of belonging among the group
  • To develop culturated engaged, academically successful students

Taking part in this Living Learning Community will provide:



Build close relationships with professors and make new friends with similar interests and backgrounds.


Coordinate activities and assignments through linked course to succeed academically.


Work together to form support networks and build essential life skills for success.

Want a more in-depth explanation?

The aim is to provide academic and social support to students who are one of the first in their families to go to college and/or underrepresented in the college population. Educationally effective co-curricular practices engage students intellectually in new and innovative ways including but not limited to interactions with peers and faculty; relevance through real-world application; significant investment of time and effort by both students and faculty. Whether selecting classes or understanding financial aid, aspects of university life may be confusing to any student--and particularly first generation students. The program will provide students a variety of intellectual and social opportunities to help them discover their true academic passion and learn about the KSU community and surrounding area. With a specific focus on exploring and selecting an appropriate college major and future career, students will live and study with and learn from fellow students in the program as well as their advisors and peer mentors. The community will focus on the shared experience and sense of responsibility many first-generation students feel as they navigate college life. Programming will include utilizing the resources of the on-campus student support offices, the importance of campus involvement, peer leader training, and financial well-being.