Summer Advantage Testimonials



The 2017 Summer Advantage Program participants and staff stand outside Kent State’s University College.

Underrepresented Students Sit in the Driver’s Seat of Their Own Success

To increase retention rates – and ultimately graduation rates – Kent State created its first-ever Summer Advantage Program through University College’s Academic Diversity Outreach department.

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University College Dean Eboni Pringle (far left) smiles with her staff and Summer Advantage students.

Kent State’s Summer Advantage Wins Top Honor for Helping Students to Transition

Summer Advantage is an educational journey based on career exploration, success coaching and academic coursework. Summer Advantage is designed to assist underrepresented students to graduate in four years and envision a path for the future by building a support network of peers and professional staff.

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"Summer Advantage taught me so much. It helped me find my vision and mission and helped me gain professional skills. It also gave me funding to take an additional course. I couldn't be more grateful. The Faculty and cohort treated me like anyone else even though I was younger than everyone. I would do it again if I had the chance."

-Esperanza, Psychology major




"Summer Advantage introduced me to research and sponsored me to work with a faculty member. Participating in undergraduate research was a new way to explore my passions and likes within the major and career. Moreover, it was a nice way to get to know what my future could look like, obtaining that vision early in my career is invaluable as it will allow me to have more time to prepare for it; or change it."

-Marlon, Physics major





"Summer Advantage gave me the opportunity to get ahead on credits and take classes for free which was extremely helpful!"

-Javon, Psychology major

emanuel jackson




"Summer Advantage has prepared me for the upcoming semesters, graduation and definitely well after."


maya woodard




"Meeting one of the KSU Board of Trustees during Summer Advantage and being able to hear her story inspired me to continue on my path to becoming a doctor."