5K Scheduling Procedure

5K Scheduling Procedure

For safety, security, staffing and advertising purposes, there is a considerable amount of pre-event preparation that must be completed when a group hosts a 5K run on the Kent State University Campus. At a minimum, planning for a 5K must begin a minimum of the semester prior to the scheduled race.

Dates and Times:

Normally only one 5K event can occur per available day. It is recommend that you have a 1st, 2nd & 3rd choice of dates in mind should your first choice be unavailable or disapproved by the KSU Police Department. In most cases, group setup will be from 7:00 am – 9:00 am, with the event beginning PROMPTLY at 9:00 am. 


The university has established (4) pre-determined routes from which to choose. Descriptions/pictures of these routes can be found on our 5K Race Routes page. Regulations and staffing requirements for each route vary and will be discussed in detail at your planning meeting with the KSU Police Department. Routes will be subject to change based on construction schedules. Group should also determine a starting and ending point along the chosen route that will provide adequate parking access (if needed)

Police/Safety Requirements:

Race organizer(s) must meet with KSUPD, at a minimum of two months prior to event to discuss volunteer positions and number of attendees and volunteer needed.

Event will be required to have (1-4) police officer(s) on duty during this event depending on the route chosen. The University reserves the right to change the requirement for the number of traffic control officers based on construction concerns or the inability of the Race Organizer to fill directional positions along the race course with volunteers or paid staff.

If the organizer requests it in advance, before meeting, KSUPD will walk the route with the organizer to show placement of volunteers and barricades.

Race organizer should be prepared to have a lead bike/ follow bike for the route. If those positions are not able to be filled, KSUPD will assign additional officers to fill those positions and group will be charged for the additional officers.

General Reminders:

  • Group must provide "hold harmless" agreements for all participants to sign.
  • Group must provide directional volunteers along route.
  • Group is advised that they (and their participants) may not drive or park vehicles on any lawns areas.
  • Group is advised they may not setup tents, nor can they use any tent stakes to anchor canopies at check points.
  • Group must provide a clean-up committee and not destroy the grounds. Failure to have a clean-up committee may result in the incurrence of clean up charges (minimum $200.00)
  • Group is advised that the Kent Student Center does not provide any furniture or equipment.