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Construction Information (Please pardon our dust)

  • Residence Halls:

    Kent State University will be completing major upgrades to several of our residence halls this summer.  Every effort will be made to ensure that your groups’ initial housing assignment remains unchanged.  If relocated, you will be assigned to a residence hall of equal or great value at no additional cost. 

Meal Plan Types (Options available):

  • Conference Rate Meal Ticket Plans:

    Groups using Conference Rate Meal Tickets will have their meals in the Kent Student Center (KSC), second floor dining room.  Participants will be able to use cash for snacks at any of the cash locations listed below.  All through-the-line meals will be picked up/consumed in the second floor Dining Room.  
  • Cash/On-Their-Own:

    Groups using cash, or with participants on their own for meals, will be able to utilize: KSC Hub, Summit Street Café & Kent Market or the Kent Student Center 2nd floor Dining Room (when open).
  • Campus Visitor FLASHcards

    Campus visitor FLASHcards can be utilized in multiple locations both on & off campus.  They can be setup with a daily/term limit; they can also be limited to on campus locations only.  Groups using Campus Visitor FLASHcards will need to complete an authorization form, indicating the actual locations to be activated by the group.  Note: With this plan your group can only utilize the KSC second floor Dining room when it is open for other summer conference groups - unless a guaranteed count of one-hundred is provided from your group. Contact your conference coordinator for details.  

Food Service/Conference Rate Meal Plan

Group is advised that no food/beverages may be brought-in or prepared-for general distribution to group.

  • Conference Rate Meal Plan:

    Our conference rate “meal plan” provides well-balanced meals for your participants.  Cost of the conference rate meal plan, based on three consecutive meals is $28.00 per person/per day.  As part of our on-going recruitment incentive, Kent State University offers a special recruitment discount for potential Kent State University Students, (i.e. “youth rate” for high school students and younger), of $26.00 per person/per day.  Your meal plan will be adjusted and prorated by meal based upon your beginning and ending meals.  Cost of individual meals outside of the package will be provided upon request.  

    Groups utilizing the conference rate meal plan must provide a breakdown of adults/youths when final count is given.  If breakdown is not received the adult rate will be charged for all meal tickets. Groups utilizing meal tickets are advised that extra/leftover meal tickets cannot be returned for refund or credit. Cancellations will be accepted up to four hours in advance, after which time group will be held responsible for full meal count and applicable charges for entire length of stay, including any/all no shows.  If a meal ticket becomes lost, damaged or stolen please contact your conference coordinator for replacement.
  • Private/Served Meals:

    Should you desire a private or served meal your coordinator will be happy to send you a menu packet. Menu selections for any private meals are due one month prior to the event. Your final count(s) is/are due one-week/7 days prior to the event.  If final food service counts are not received you will be billed based on your highest original estimate for all food service functions.

Food Venue Locations/Information:

  • KSC Second Floor Dining Room:

      (Cash/Conference Meal Tickets/Campus Visitor FLASHcards)
    A La Carte Dining atmosphere. Hours of operation are based on the scheduled meal needs of groups that have guaranteed food counts of one-hundred or more.  If guaranteed groups are not scheduled - this location is normally closed.  
  • KSC HUB – 1st Floor

    (Cash/Campus Visitor FLASHcards)
    Food Court atmosphere with six different food venues.  Exact hours for each location to be determined. Location is not appropriate for large groups, especially those with limited time for meals.  We highly recommended that large groups provide guaranteed counts and direct their participants to the KSC Second Floor Dining Room.  
  • Kent Market – 1st Floor:

    (Cash/ Campus Visitor FLASHcards)
    Exact hours of operation have not been determined. Location is not appropriate for large groups, especially those with limited time for meals.  We highly recommended that large groups provide guaranteed counts and direct their participants to the KSC Second Floor Dining Room
  • Summit Street Cafe:

    (Cash/ Campus Visitor FLASHcards)
    Exact hours of operation have not been determined. Located in the Student Recreation & Wellness Center.  It is anticipated that this location will be open limited hours on weekends
  • Eastway Cafeteria – Second Floor -  CLOSED

    (except for special events)

Parking – Residence Halls

Parking rates for people being housed on campus are $3.00 per day/$10.00 per week/$20.00 per month/$40.00 entire summer.  Let your conference coordinator know how many parking permits you will need so they can be prepared and ready upon your arrival. Special arrangements can be made should you need to distribute parking permits prior to your arrival and check in.  We do not recommend distribution prior to arrival because participants have a tendency to “forget/lose” them and you are charged for the total number received and not returned.  

Student Recreation & Wellness Center (Quoted rate for 2014 - rates may increase)

If your schedule provides “free time” for your participants and you are interested in utilizing Kent’s Student Recreation & Wellness Center, please let your conference coordinator know.  For liability reasons, Kent’s Recreation and Wellness Center can no longer permit individuals/groups to utilize their facility on a “walk in” basis.   Recreation Passes must be ordered two weeks in advance. 
Cost per pass is $6.00 per person/per day, $30.00 per week.  Summer rates vary by group type & special event pricing is also available - ask your coordinator for details if you are interested in these options.

Miscellaneous Activities

In addition to the Student Recreation & Wellness Center, Kent State University’s Ice Arena and Eastway Recreation center may be available in the evening for private parties upon request.  For those of you with an interest in fashion, the KSU Fashion Museum is just a short walk from anywhere on campus.  Please do not hesitate to get pricing information from your coordinator if you are interested in utilizing any of these facilities while you are here.