Event Security FAQ

Q: Who decides if an event requires security?

A: A committee made of up representatives from the University Events & Conference Services office, Center for Student Involvement and KSU Police Department

Q: What defines a special event?

A: A special event can be any type of function held on campus that is not considered part of the University’s academic mission. Some examples include: concerts, festivals, sporting events, 5K’s, demonstrations, dances, etc.

Q: What criteria are used in evaluating the security needs of an event?

A: There are a number of criteria used in determining the safety and security needs for an event. While not a comprehensive list, some factors include:

  • Event Type (festival, concert, sporting event, sales or vending event, political event, large student organization event, speaker, etc.)
  • Student organization events where alcohol will be served
  • Projected attendance number
  • Location of event or venue
  • Access level (public event, ticketed event, invite only, etc.)
  • Possibility of large amounts of cash being collected at an event
  • Health and safety concerns
  • Any existing or planned security measures
  • Prior history of an event
  • Number of University staff that will be present
  • Other events taking place on campus
  • Effect to normal campus operations and/or impact on the academic mission of the university

Q: What types of security will be used?

A: KSU Police Department, Hall Security, Residence Hall Security or a combination of these may be required for an event.

Q: Who is responsible for reserving/contracting security?

A: University Events & Conference Services office