Student Organization

Student organizations may schedule one major event one semester in advance.

Student organizations must be in good standing with Kent State University, have a zero balance on their organizations bursars account and registered with the Center for Student Involvement.

If your organization is not registered, please visit  the Center for Student Involvement

Requests to use space must be made within the timeline below:

Kent Student Center

  • General meeting facilities: 3 business days in advance
  • Rathskeller: minimum of one week in advance
  • Kiva, Dining Room, and Ballroom: must be confirmed a minimum of six weeks in advance

Academic Buildings

  • 7 business days in advance for all buildings with the exception of Cartwright Hall, Rockwell Hall, and Moulton Hall
    • Cartwright Hall & Rockwell Hall: One month prior to event
    • Moulton Hall: Two weeks prior to event
    • Classrooms when a swipe card needed: Three weeks prior to event

Outdoor Areas

  • Must be reserved two weeks in advance
    • Tents are restricted in all areas unless special permission is obtained through the University Events & Conference Services office
  • Programs occurring outside are required to have trash receptacles. Charges for receptacles will be billed to the scheduling group. Contact the University Events & Conference Services office for additional details.


Planning Tips:

  1. Facilities may not be used for any commercial purpose or for the financial benefit of any one individual.
  2. Any group or individual sponsoring an event in Kent State University facilities assumes all responsibility connected with the event. Neither the Kent Student Center nor the University assumes responsibility.
  3. All events are reviewed by the Kent State University Event Security Committee and may result in needed security at events. 
  4. The University Events and Conference Services Office reserves the right to assign and/or reassign facilities to assure the most appropriate utilization of University facilities.
  5. University facilities are reserved in the order in which requests are received, with consideration being given to the size of the group and space availability. All facilities MUST be scheduled through the University Events and Conference Services Office.
  6. Public Safety Notification: All groups are advised that use of the following items is strictly prohibited in all Kent State University facilities: Open flames (i.e. candles, lighters, torches), combustible vegetation (i.e. hay, straw, evergreen trees); pyrotechnic devices, smoke/fog/haze machines and dry ice. Additionally, deadly weapons, defined as any instrument, device, or thing as defined in section 2923.11 of the Revised Code including but not limited to a firearm, explosive device, or other dangerous ordnance are strictly prohibited. Groups with events that disregard this notification will be subject to immediate "shut down" of their event by the university fire marshal and be subject to loss of future scheduling privileges. 
  7. Decorating/Posting: The use of glitter/paint/confetti is strictly prohibited within the Kent Student Center and all other University facilities. In addition, no tape, glue, tacks or nails may be put on the walls, windows, doors or building structures.
  8. All groups using University facilities are expected to adhere to all University policies, regulations and guidelines and all local, state and federal laws. Failure to comply with these regulations may result in the forfeiture of the privileges of utilizing University facilities.
  9. Kent State University is a smoke-free, tobacco-free campus. This includes any property owned, operated or leased by the university to include all outside areas and personal vehicles parked on university property.  Restricted products include: cigarettes, cigars, cigarillos, cloves, hookahs, e-cigarettes, herbal and oil vaporizers, pipes, water pipes, all smokeless tobacco (chew, snuff, dip, etc.) and all other non-FDA  approved nicotine products. 
  10. No suspended signs or banners are permitted in the lobby area hangover the rotunda railing.

Please visit Policies and Procedures for more information. 

Policy Violations

Disciplinary action

All groups using university space are expected to adhere to all university policies, regulations, guidelines and all local, state, and federal laws, which includes adhering to scheduled event times and properly canceling events. Upon satisfactory proof that an organization has violated any such university policy, rule, or regulation, the organization may be subject to disciplinary action. University departments and non-university groups will be subject to administrative sanction. Groups will also be held responsible for any expenses incurred due to infractions. The basic procedure will be:

  • First offense within one academic year. A letter will be issued to the organization with a description of the incident and an explanation of any charges that are to be billed to the group because of the incident.
  • Second offense within one academic year. A letter will be issued to the organization with a description of the incident and an explanation of any charges that are to be billed to the group because of the incident.
  • Third offense within one academic year. A letter will again be issued to the organization, and a student conduct incident report will be completed and filed with the office of student conduct programs. Group will be subject to loss of scheduling privileges for remainder of academic year or longer, based on the nature of the offense.