Division Leadership & Staff

Dana Lawless-Andric

Dana Lawless-Andric, Ph.D.

Associate Vice President for University Outreach and Engagement

Executive Offices: Second Floor Library: Suite 295

[o] 330-672-1980 [f] 330-672-2644

[e] dlawless@kent.edu [w] www.kent.edu/UOE

Sonya Williams

Sonya Williams, M.A.

Executive Director, Upward Bound & Office of University Outreach and Engagement

Schwartz Center: Second Floor: Suite 229, Office D

[o] 330-672-8540 [f] 330-672-2920

[e] swilli78@kent.edu [w] www.kent.edu/upwardboundprogram

Danielle Green-Welch

Danielle Green-Welch

Academy Director, First Star Kent State Academy

Cartwright Hall: Second Floor: Suite 205, Office C

[o] 330-672-3039 [f] 330-672-6262

[e] dgreenw6@kent.edu : [w] www.kent.edu/first-star

Sherylynn Chapman-Thomas

Associate Director, University Outreach and Engagement

Cartwright Hall: Second Floor: Suite 205, Office B

[o] 330-672-8886 [f] 330-672-6262

[e] slchapma@kent.edu  [w] www.kent.edu/UOE