Classic Academy Staff

Upward Bound Classic Academy Staff

Sonya Williams

Sonya Williams
Interim Executive Director
Office of the Vice President for the Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Email: swilli78 [at]
Phone: (330) 672-8540

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Jasmina WatersJasmina Waters
Classic Academy

Email: jnolan4 [at]
Phone: (330) 672-8684

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Photo of Maya Satlykgylyjova

Maya Satlykgylyjova, Ph.D.
Assistant Director
Classic Academy

Email: msatlykg [at]
Phone: (330) 672-8680

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LaDarrius Steele

LaDarrius Steele
Academic Program Coordinator
Classic Academy

Email: lsteel12 [at]
Phone: (330) 672-8616

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Akbota Yergaliyeva

Bota Yergaliyeva
Graduate Assistant
Classic Academy

Email: ayergali [at]
Phone: (330) 672-2920

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