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UX Design KSU

User Experience Design is the process of creating products and interfaces that provide meaningful and relevant experiences to users in a variety of ways. UX Design and usability testing is becoming an increasingly important aspect of products and websites to make sure new technology is easy and fun to use. How you post Instagram, buy things on Amazon, and use the Bluetooth in your car are all parts of the realm of user experience.

In the UXD club of KSU, we will learn about different career paths you can follow in the field, have informative meetings lead by professionals in the field, and find ways to network not only locally at Kent State, but on a national scale. All students are welcome with the only criteria being a drive to think creatively and learn more about an emerging field.


Meetings to be decided on member availability.

Membership Requirements

Major GPA average at 2.50 or higher (exceptions can be made)


Campus Location