Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography

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Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography at VCD prepares students to become emerging professional photographers in a range of careers including Advertising, Fashion, Architectural, Food, Editorial Photography, Photojournalism, Commercial Photography, Portraiture, Photo and Art Direction, Digital Technical, CGI, Fine Art Photography, among others.

The first two years of study build technical and creative fundamentals such as command of the camera, studio and location lighting, history of photography, the digital workplace environment, rules of composition and basic critical thinking. This study of fundamentals culminates in an individual Sophomore Portfolio review in which the student’s progress is assessed and possible career paths and courses of study which might best fit the student are discussed.

Entering their third year, students begin to refine their individual vision and practice and further develop their skill sets along with continued critical thinking and analysis training.

In the third and fourth years, there is increased emphasis on portfolio development alongside engagement with theoretical research in photography. Students explore current best practices and the future of photography including CGI and other digital media. Through this trajectory, students leave our program with strong bodies of creative work, high proficiencies in current best practices and a strong sense of upcoming challenges and opportunities for the discipline.


Photography Students at Work

Popular undergraduate projects include portraits, close-ups, landscapes, lighting experiments, cultural messages and more.