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Graduates of the school of visual communication design are well prepared to enter a wide array of careers in graphic design, illustration, and education, and to create new and diverse career paths of their own.

Careers in Visual Communication Design

Graphic Design: 2D and 3D

Graphic designers produce a broad range of products for print and electronic media including corporate identity, interactive web design, typography and image. 3D Designers address issues of packaging and retail environments, brand development, environmental graphic design, exhibition design, and wayfinding. You can pursue these job opportunities:

  • print / online design

  • product design

  • web / interface design

  • user experience design

  • interactive multimedia

  • television graphics

  • wayfinding

  • environmental design

  • package design

  • art direction

  • corporate identification

  • installation design

  • information design

  • design research

Illustration: Traditional and digital

Illustrators, drawing from observation and imagination, visually interpret a narrative, a theme, or point of view through the use of media.

  • editorial illustration

  • children’s book illustration

  • storyboard illustration for film and television

  • graphic design

  • advertising

  • magazine illustration

  • newspaper illustration

  • fashion illustration

  • medical illustration

  • courtroom illustration

  • information graphics

  • illustration for the web

Photo Illustration

Professional Photo Illustrators use light, cameras, and digital technologies to create, interpret, and produce imagery from narrative, thematic, and conceptual sources. Explore the following job opportunities:

  • product photography

  • editorial photo illustration

  • photographic portraiture

  • photographic retouching

  • commercial photography

  • advertising photography

  • art direction

  • fine art photography

  • photography for the web

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