How much do class supplies cost?

Required class supplies and equipment vary widely with areas of concentration.


First-year design students are required to buy a Macintosh laptop as well as specific software programs for spring semester. Software manufacturers update their products every 18–24 months, so students will probably need to buy an upgrade before they graduate. Most students find it helpful to have their own printer. A typical price for a Macintosh laptop is $1800. The three primary graphic software packages are bundled and sell for a total of $350. These prices are for products purchased via the KSU Apple Store. Computer requirements.


First-year Photo-Illustration students will need a single lens reflex (D-SLR) camera ranging in price from $1,100 – 2,000. List of suggested cameras


For each studio course, students will need to budget for supplies such as paper, photocopy services, specific drafting and drawing tools, as well as books. In their final year, students construct a portfolio of their work to use when interviewing for employment. The case and reproductions can cost from $200 – 1,000, depending upon the student’s preference and the media of the student’s creative work.