Master of Arts in Visual Communication Design


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32 Credit Hours (Approximately 3 semesters of study)

The Master of Arts degree serves new designers seeking an opportunity to enter evolving design industry and become influential in emerging markets such as social media, branding, digital media and user experience design. Flexible schedules are available to effectively serve the demands of working professionals. Students learn from world-class faculty and industry leaders in the classroom and as colleagues. The M.A. program accelerates students’ design skills and allows them to command profitable careers in design with current knowledge and relevant portfolios. 

The M.A. option is recommended for students seeking professional employment after completing their degree and who need to build a portfolio of work to enhance career opportunities. This professional focus on coursework provide a means for students to demonstrate the application of knowledge and skills learned.  

The objectives of our MA program are as follows:

  • Develop aesthetic, technical, and professional skills necessary for success in design industry
  • Develop skills for collaborative engagement with strategic partners, team members, and peers
  • Develop deeper awareness of issues related to the cultural, technological, and economic contexts of design
  • Develop enhanced comprehension of design thinking and design process
  • Develop understanding of design’s use as both a tactical and strategic tool for business and social applications

Program Requirements/Roadmap.

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