Master of Fine Arts in Visual Communication Design


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60 Credit Hours (Approximately 5 semesters of study)

The Masters of Fine Arts degree serves students with a strong undergraduate and/or professional experience in design who wish to advance into leadership roles. M.F.A. graduates typically pursue careers in design education, but also stand out in the industry for their ability to solve problems from a research-based design perspective. We believe in an interdisciplinary approach to design focused on theory, research, and design process. Classes have been developed to create an educational experience in design highlighted by field research methods, design thinking, and social innovation, augmented by practical university teaching experience where M.F.A. candidates work hands-on with students at the freshman and sophomore level. This approach helps graduates gain the necessary tools to succeed in their careers as innovative leaders in visual communication, design management, entrepreneurship and higher education. 

The objectives of our MFA program are as follows:

  • Develop leadership abilities necessary for success in the design industry or higher education
  • Develop skills for collaborative engagement with strategic partners, team members, and peers
  • Develop deeper awareness of issues related to the cognitive, social, theoretical, cultural, technological, educational, and economic contexts of design
  • Develop understanding of design’s use as a strategic tool and medium for business and social applications, through the  integration of practice and research.
  • Develop enhanced comprehension of design thinking, design process, and metacognition
  • Develop capabilities in the planning, application, and synthesis of field research methods and their use in design process

Program Requirements/Roadmap.