AIGA Cleveland Awards and Recognition

Professor Emeritus, Eric May, was recognized for his long service and dedication to the field. Eric is an expert calligrapher, woodcut illustrator, fine art book artist, and letterpress authority. Beloved by former students, many of whom call him their mentor, it was well-deserved award. The evening held a special moment when President Jenn Visock-O'Grady asked for a show of hands of those who had had Eric as an instructor. In an amazing display of raised arms followed by hearty applause, those present looked about to witness a truly touching moment. It served as a strong visual representation of the tremendous effect Eric has had on so many.

Kent State University's School of Visual Communication Design alumni and students were recognized for their outstanding quality of work as well. Of particular note, Alumni Mike Burton took home several Judges Choice Awards for his work with Little Jacket, and the Best of Student Work Award was given to Kevin Wight for his BFA Senior Project.

KSU VCD students garnered several awards in the student competition: Carolyn Kelly won a Merit award for her poster series, Kayne Toukonen won a Merit Award for a packaging program, and the entire VCD Environmental Graphic Design class won a Merit Award for their senior living proposal. Students in David Middleton’s class included Cathy Sosey, Krystle Klink, Lindsay Satzger, Evan Richards, Kelly Dorsey, Lee Zelenak, Kayne Toukonen, Zak Kruszynski, David Roll, Sharon McMullen, Rick Salsberry, Josh Levan, Katie Talbott, Kaitlyn Ord and Deanna D’Alesio.

POSTED: Thursday, November 13, 2014 07:45 PM
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