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VCD proudly announces a 12-day study abroad learning adventure in Berlin and Prague.

Visual Communication Design and Photo Illustration students at Kent State University have an exclusive opportunity to study design abroad. The School of Visual Communication Design (VCD) proudly announces a 12-day study abroad learning adventure in Berlin and Prague for students in March 2013. Junior, senior and graduate level students enrolled in Graphic Design 2 or Graphic Design Field Experience will meet design professionals, international students and experience the global design community firsthand. The courses will meet weekly during the spring semester, travel during the spring recess and complete a studio project upon their return. Assistant Professors Gretchen Rinnert and Jillian Coorey are leading the program.

Graphic Design Field Experience focuses on problem-solving methodologies employed in visual communication design, in the context of the cultures of Berlin and Prague. In the design-abroad course, students will apply narrative and storytelling methods, design research, analysis, documentation and implementation in their studio projects. Students will grasp European design perspectives and aesthetics while building a more attractive portfolio and resume that demonstrates international design experience.

Students in Graphic Design 2 are charged with a Visual Narrative and Mapping Assignment to document an event or experience through visual narrative using photography and typography.

When: March 15 – March 27, 2013
Cost: Approximately $3,200 plus tuition

For questions regarding Design Abroad please email or call Gretchen Rinnert at 330-532-8690. Find more information at

UPDATE: The trip is now open to Design Minors. Application deadline extended to Oct. 8, 2012. Check the Design Abroad site for details.

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