Work by VCD Alumna April Nemeth Sold at Anthropologie

Anthropologie, a popular modern clothing, home and accessories store, recently started selling hand screen printed dishtowels from Little Korboose

Anthropologie, a popular modern clothing, home and accessories store, recently started selling hand screen printed dishtowels from Little Korboose, a design and illustration shop run by VCD alumna April Nemeth.

In January, Nemeth took her products to NY NOW (formerly the New York International Gift Fair), a competitively juried trade show open to businesses across the United States. At the show, specialty boutiques, department stores and other big-name companies shop for products to add to their product line. While operating her booth at NY NOW, Nemeth was approached by three young women.

"I immediately noticed the style of clothes that these women were wearing and realized that we are all dressed almost identically – denim button down, jeans and boots," Nemeth laughs. "I was probably equally curious about where they personally shopped and what company they were shopping for."

The women showed interest in the Little Korboose towels and handed Nemeth a business card from Anthropologie. The company contacted her with an offer to purchase the towels the next day.

"Even though it was my first time going to the show, I was aware of who would be shopping," Nemeth said. "I never let myself think Anthropologie would actually stop at my booth, though. They are an amazing company and have quite a following. Anthropologie is my favorite place to shop right now. I think I subconsciously designed the towels knowing they were going to be there."

Anthopologie released Nemeth's towels to the market in August. While she's excited to have her designs sold by one of her favorite companies, she's looking forward to her next success.

"Anyone who has success thinks about what they can do to maintain it," Nemeth said. "I should probably enjoy this success more than I have, but I just keep moving; participating in more shows + creating new products. Creating additional opportunities for myself, really."

At Kent, Nemeth focused on typography and visual communication. When she received her BFA in 2005, she never thought her design career would take her into the world of screen printing.

"Kent was foundational," Nemeth said. "I would never be able to do the things I've done without the mechanics I learned in school. It's like when I got my motorcycle license: I had to read about how the clutch works and the breaks and see diagrams. It's the same with VCD; I needed the tools to be successful."

Nemeth said others can experience the success she's had if they keep evolving themselves and work diligently on staying current.

"I believe in the law of attraction," Nemeth said. "You put the work out there and it comes back to you. You get what you give."

POSTED: Thursday, November 13, 2014 04:54 PM
Updated: Saturday, December 3, 2022 01:02 AM
Meghan Caprez