Survey FAQs

1. What is university climate?
2. Why is a positive climate important?
3. Why is Kent State University conducting a climate survey?
4. How is the climate survey different from other assessments that have recently been done?
5. Who will be conducting the survey?
6. Why was a non-Kent State University researcher selected for the project?
7. How were the questions developed?
8. Why do some demographic questions contain a very large number of response options?
9. What is the Institutional Review Board (IRB) process for this study?
10. What will be done with data from the results?



Your questions and comments are very important as we move through this process. Please share by contacting one of the Climate Study Steering Committee Co-Chairs.

  • Kathryn Wilson, Ph.D.
    Professor of Economics
  • Shay Davis Little, Ph.D.
    Special Assistant to the President