Why is Kent State University conducting a climate survey?
What is university climate?
What actions were taken in response to the 2016 Climate Study results?
What do I do if I can’t find my link to take the survey?

Each member of the Kent State University community receives a unique link to the survey at their @kent.edu email address in the initial message announcing the opening of the survey. A first step to finding your link would be to review your email for the message that contains this link. Be sure to check junk and trash folders in case the message ended up there. Additionally, up to two more reminders/invitations were to be sent on an “as needed” basis; that is, if you have successfully completed the survey, you will not receive additional email reminders since they are not necessary (but please encourage others to complete the survey!). Should you have other issues with taking the survey, the Survey Research Lab has a team of project managers who can help. Please reach out to Tim Rose, senior project manager, trose16@kent.edu, or Greg Gibson, Kent State University Department of Sociology and Criminology’s Survey Research Lab director, ggibson4@kent.edu.

How is the climate survey different from other assessments that have recently been done?
Who will be conducting the survey?
How were the questions developed?
Why do some demographic questions contain a very large number of response options?
What resources are available if I have experienced any discomfort after taking the survey?
What is the Institutional Review Board (IRB) process for this study?



Your questions and comments are very important as we move through this process. Please share by contacting a Climate Study Steering Committee Co-Chair.

N. J. Akbar, Ph.D.
Associate Vice President