W-9 Request for Kent State University Taxpayer Identification Number

This information is for University employees who need to provide Form W-9 to a requester.  Requestors must contact the department for assistance with the W-9 and any other information needed in order to pay Kent State.

This Form W-9 is only used for receipts by Kent State University and deposited into a Kent State University bank account.  This Form W-9 is not to be used if the funds are not deposited into a Kent State University bank account.  Student organizations with outside bank accounts are not able to use this form.   The invoices sent out for funds that will be deposited into a Kent State University bank account must indicate Kent State University as the payee. 

If the requester requires the campus or department indicated on the W-9, then you may add that information to line 2 – Business name/disregarded entity name.  The requester’s name and address is optional. Also, to avoid a delay in receiving payment, please remind the requester that funds need to be sent to the address on the invoice and not the address on the W-9. 

Requesters generally accept the W-9 but some will have a mandatory substitute W-9 or vendor information form/new vendor set up form.  Please send these requests to w9@kent.edu so that we may complete the tax sections of these forms and sign on behalf of the University (if required).  The department is responsible for the completion of the non-tax sections of the substitute W-9/vendor information form/new vendor set up form.  Please send requests for banking information to treasury@kent.edu.

For more information please see the Form W-9 page

If you need the DUNS number, please see https://www.kent.edu/research/institutional-fact-sheet.

If you have any questions on this form or need additional assistance, please e-mail W9@kent.edu.


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