Warren County ESC

warren county ESC

Kent State University in partnership with Warren County ESC

Offering educators in Warren, Brown, Butler, Clermont, Clinton, Greene, Hamilton, Montgomery, & Preble Counties a 20% tuition waiver for 100% online Professional Development Workshops now through December 2018

How to Register
Tuition Waiver

NOTE: there is a $12 per credit hour distance learning fee not included in the waiver.

Tuition is subject to change.  The 20% waiver will be applied to any tuition change.

Current graduate tuition rate is $515 per credit hour.  
1 graduate credit hour = $515 you pay $412 + $12 distance learning fee
2 graduate credit hours = $1030 you pay $824 + $24 distance learning fee
3 graduate credit hours = $1545 you pay $1236 + $36 distance learning fee

A transcript for this credit will be available at no charge at the end of the semester (May 30, August 30, and December 30) by requesting a transcript

Office of Professional Development & Outreach