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Available Colors

Primary Colors:


Secondary Colors:


Traditional (Default) Color Palette

Traditional Color Palette

Other Color Palette Options

The thumbnails below display Template 1 using the traditional color palette and two alternate color palettes.

There are nine alternate color palette options grouped in three categories: Refined, Informational and High-Impact.  The color assignment charts in the next section illustrate where the colors will appear.

Color Palette Mapping 

These two color palette option charts illustrate where the colors will be mapped to in the templates, using template 1 as the example. This color palette mapping would behave the same way for all color palette options. 

*CTA = Call to Action. 

Color assignment with template examples

Alternate Color Palettes

See Template 1 displayed with all the alternate color palettes on the Color Palette Mockups (PDF).

View the Color Palette Mockups (PDF)


Refined Color Palette Options


Informational Color Palette Options


High Impact Color Palette