Custom Templates

All designs, including ones designed by secured vendor services, must adhere to Kent State University’s Guide to Web Standards. These standards must be followed when creating a custom template:

  • Primary design color must be selected from the university’s approved color palette.
  • Accent color to be chosen from the university’s accent color palette (see addendum), and may be used no more than 20 percent on a page.
  • Development to support responsive design (scale to fit multiple screen sizes).
  • Must reside within university’s content management system.
  • Imagery must be consistent in size with proper templates (large or hero billboard image).The University Communications and Marketing Web Team will provide exact direction.
  • Large or hero billboard image images with strong photography are encouraged. Access photos for your website by requesting an account and requesting it be authorized by Bob Christy.
  • It is preferred that call-to-actions, buttons and links match the style found on the university’s main website and official templates. The University Communications and Marketing Web Team, in conjunction with input from Information Services Web Presence Group, must approve custom designs before they are put into development.