Kent State Webmasters | Guide to Web Standards | Kent State University

Kent State Webmasters

Kent State Website editors within the domain who rely on the university templates can trust that the majority of required elements are addressed and built-in at inception.

Academic Department Requirements

Academic units must include the following primary navigation items:

  • Academics OR Undergraduate Programs and Graduate Programs
  • Faculty & Staff or Faculty & Staff Directory or People

Call to Actions must include:

  • Schedule Visit (only if program/department-specific visits are offered and information is captured in Hobson’s)
  • Apply Now
  • Why xxx?
  • Schedule advising appointment

Graduate Programs

All Kent State Websites

  1. Primary navigation
    • Appear horizontally above large billboard image.
    • Fit on one line without breaking on desktop devices.
    • Filter into a recommended number of categories. Preferably no more than seven primary navigation categories should appear in the primary navigation.
  2. Standard Templates
    • standard templates include:
      • Minimum of three Action Items
      • Maximum of five Action Items
  3. Call To Action
  • Colleges must include:
    • Find Majors & Degrees
    • Schedule Visit (only if department-specific visits are offered and information is captured in Hobson’s)
    • Apply Now
    • Why xxx? - optional, but if academic area is narrow, highly recommended
    • Schedule advising appointment
  • Career Opportunities (Career Services Block) must include:
    • Median Salaries
    • Internships
    • Alumni Success
    • Facts & Figures
    • Optional, alternate placement: home page infographic
  • Further information on Call-to-Actions (CTAs)

Adherence to:

  • Overall Guide to Web Standards
  • Professional content and clean-up relying on SiteImprove
  • Regular website audits of content for accuracy
  • Accessibility
  • Forms requirements if collecting personal data