Kent State Webmasters

Kent State Website editors within the domain who rely on the university templates can trust that the majority of required elements are addressed and built-in at inception.

Academic Department Requirements

Academic units must include the following primary navigation items:

  • Academics OR Undergraduate Programs and Graduate Programs
  • Faculty & Staff or Faculty & Staff Directory or People

Call to Actions must include:

  • Schedule Visit (only if program/department-specific visits are offered and information is captured in Hobson’s)
  • Apply Now
  • Why xxx?
  • Schedule advising appointment

Graduate Programs

All Kent State Websites

  1. Primary navigation
    • Appear horizontally above large billboard image.
    • Fit on one line without breaking on desktop devices.
    • Filter into a recommended number of categories. Preferably no more than seven primary navigation categories should appear in the primary navigation.
  2. Standard Templates
    • standard templates include:
      • Minimum of three Action Items
      • Maximum of five Action Items
  3. Call To Action
  • Colleges must include:
    • Find Majors & Degrees
    • Schedule Visit (only if department-specific visits are offered and information is captured in Hobson’s)
    • Apply Now
    • Why xxx? - optional, but if academic area is narrow, highly recommended
    • Schedule advising appointment
  • Career Opportunities (Career Services Block) must include:
    • Median Salaries
    • Internships
    • Alumni Success
    • Facts & Figures
    • Optional, alternate placement: home page infographic
  • Further information on Call-to-Actions (CTAs)

Adherence to:

  • Overall Guide to Web Standards
  • Professional content and clean-up relying on SiteImprove
  • Regular website audits of content for accuracy
  • Accessibility
  • Forms requirements if collecting personal data