Metatags are usually used by a search engine to find and index web pages and also provide the title and brief description in the search engine results page. Metatags do not display on the page itself, but are stored within the structure of the page.

  • At a minimum, include the following tags on each page.


  • One or two sentences displayed in most search engines that summarizes your page. For example, the main Residence Services page might say “Learn more about on-campus housing (dorms) for Kent State University students.”
  • Recommended length is less than 156 characters or your description will be truncated.
  • Use keywords that your users may be searching in search engines. In the above example, we included the popular term “dorms,” despite the official term being residence halls.


  • Provide a brief, yet useful “headline” for your page that summarizes its content in a few words. Residence Services might be titled “Residence Services — Student Housing at Kent State.”
  • Recommended length is less than 70 characters or your title will be truncated.