The Body field is where you enter your main content

To obtain a larger workspace you can click either:

1.    Click the Maximize icon to see the window as a full screen.
2.    Lengthen the area by dragging the resize corner down.

To see the same editing options shown below, switch the Text format from Filtered HTML to Full HTML.

The functions of the icons shown in rows A, B and C, from left to right, are listed below the screenshot.


Row A

  • Source - toggle to see the HTML code
  • Cut - delete selected copy
  • Paste - pastes content that is on your computer's clipboard
    • Pasting directly into the body is not recommended.  Styles and formatting will be pasted with the content.  Copying into NotePad (PC) or TextEditor (Mac) then pasting to the body is advised prior to using the paste option.  The recommended option is to select the Paste as plain text option.
  • Paste as plain text (recommended) - pastes content that is on your computer's clipboard - removes styles and formatting
  • Paste as from Word - pastes content from Microsoft Word that is on your computer's clipboard - removes styles and formatting
  • Spell check
    • Selecting SCAYT (Spell Check As You Type) will underline errors as you type
    • Selecting Spell checking will open the Spell Check window which offers suggested spelling and grammar changes.  A thesaurus tab is also available.
  • Undo - reverses your last edit
  • Redo - adds your most recent deleted contact back to where it originally was originally located
  • Find - find content
  • Replace - find and replace content
  • Select All - selects all content in the body field
  • Image - add an image to the body
  • Add Media - not available
  • Table - opens a window with various properties to add a table
  • Insert Horizontal Line - inserts a horizontal line
  • Insert Special Character - opens a window of special characters can be placed in the copy
  • iFrame - opens a window with various properties to add an iFrame
  • ​Embed Media - opens a window for embed code
  • Link - opens a window to link to an external URL
    • Use Link to content in the second row of icons to link to pages - linking to a node ID is STRONGLY recommended.  Node IDs never change.  Linking to a node guarantees the link will stay intact if the URL is changed.

Row B

  • Bold
  • Italic
  • Strike Through
  • Underline
  • Subscript
  • Superscript
  • Remove format
  • Insert/remove a numbered list
  • Insert-remove a bulleted list
  • Decrease indent
  • Increase indent
  • Create a block quote - not recommended -use changeCustomize this page to add columns
  • Create a div container
  • Align left
  • Align center
  • Justify
  • Align right
  • Text direction from left to right
  • Text direction from right to left
  • Link to content - creates a hyperlink
    • External web page - enter the complete URL in the Link URL field
    • Link to a page either:
      • ​In the Search for content field enter a page title keyword or phrase to see a list of pages to link to. Select the page title to autofill the node link in the Link URL field.
      • In another browser tab or window, navigate to the page you are linking to and note its node ID (located in the top menu bar). Enter the node ID link in the Link URL field (e.g. /node/123456)
  • Unlink - removes a hyperlink
  • Anchor - name the cursor location so it can be linked to from another location on the page
  • Insert teaser break

Row C

  • Format menu - a list of heading style options
  • Styles - a list of button options - content must be linked before a button style can be applied (the style options are displayed on the