Accordion View

Accordion View Screenshot

To create an accordion view as shown in the image above, follow these directions:

  1. Create an internal basic page for each tab.
    1. The Title will be what appears on the list.
    2. The Body will appear when the title is selected.
    3. After saving the FAQ, note the node ID for later.
  2. Go to the basic page where you want to add the tab view.
    1. Select the Customize this page button (located on the bottom black bar in view mode).
    2. Scroll to the panel where the accordion view is being placed.
    3. Select the (+) sign in the panel header.  The Add content to … window will open.
    4. Select View panes from the list.
    5. Select View: Tabs: Accordion from the list.  The Configure new View: Tabs: Accordion window will open.
    6. In the Content: Nid. Field, enter the node IDs of the FAQ or basic pages you created to appear in the tab view.
      1. Separate them with a (+) sign.  For example, 123456+123478+123910