Add Text to Hero Image

a short title and subtitle has been added to the large hero image on this page. a short title is not required; including a subtitle is optional. The title text that was displayed on an earlier version of our website was moved to the Tooltip Title Text field; will display when a user hovers over the image.  Web accessibility testing has shown hover text should not be used on the large hero images. Update the image

  1. Please note, the image size should be1500x600px and less than 1MB. If the current image is only 400px high it will be stretched to fit the new slideshow area.
  2. Resize the image if necessary.
  3. Select the edit button to edit the page.
  4. Select the edit button to edit the media image or update the image with the correctly sized image.
  5. Add a title and subtitle (optional) to the image.
  6. Save the image.
  7. Save the page.

If you do not see the text after the page is saved continue updating the page continue with the additional steps below.

Change the feature row block

  1. Select the Customize this page button.
  2. Select the Region style (paintbrush icon) in the Feature Row block.
  3. Change the setting to Full width region.
  4. Select the Next button.

Change the image pane settings

While still customizing the page, select the Settings (gear icon) in the upper left corner of the "This node" image pane and update the settings to the following:

  1. Node = This node
  2. Override title = selected
  3. Label = Hidden
  4. Select a formatter = Rendered file
  5. Select the Continue button
  6. View mode = Hero Slideshow with Subtitles or Hero Slideshow Title Only
  7. Skip first = 0
  8. Item(s) = 0
  9. Display in reverse order = not selected
  10. Select the Finish button