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Change a Layout & Add Another Node to It

Your content need to be displayed in more than one large column on the page?  Or maybe you need to use the same content on several pages? Not a problem!  You can change the page layout and add additional text boxes to the page.

Step 1: Create the Main Page

  1. Click the Change this layout button (you must be on the View tab) at the bottom of page to select one of the KSU Layouts - Redesign.

    Changing the layout buttons
  2. Select the layout desired.  If the page displays left navigation, the left column will be the area it should be placed.

    Layout options screenshot
  3. Click Save.

Step 2: Create Additional Content for Placement on the Main Page

  1. Create a new internal basic page and add the information you will add to page. It is important that this content is created as an internal basic page rather than a basic page. Internal basic pages are kept from search engine crawls because the information will be crawled on the page it is placed on. That is the page the search engine should display in its search results.
  2. Save the page.
  3. Note or copy the node ID of the page you created.

Step 3: Add the internal basic page to the Main Page

  1. Return to the main page where you want to add the additional content.
  2. Click the Customize this page button to rearrange your page content and/or add extra panes.
  3. Click the + sign to add another pane to a column/panel.

    Add additional pane screenshot
  4. Select Existing Node from the options displayed:

    Add existing node settings screenshot
  5. Configure the new existing node:

    Configure existing node screenshot
    1. Enter the code or NID of a node - Enter the node ID of the page that contains the content you are adding.
    2. More Information - Check the box to “override title” and leave the text box empty (will suppress the title from displaying).
    3. Uncheck the Include node links for “add comment.” “read more” etc. box.
    4. Select Full content from the Build node drop-down box.
  6. Select the Save button to save your pane.

Repeat as Needed

Follow steps 2 and 3 as needed to complete the main page.

Don't forget to save the page!