Content Settings

The various settings available for all content types are located in a tabbed section at the bottom of each form.

Menu Settings

Menu settings screenshot

Check to add to a menu if the page will be part of the navigation.  Select the page's parent item. Add the page to the top navigation by selecting the group title which is shown in <brackets>.  Note if you want the page to appear in your footer as a quick link, select  your group’s QuickLinks menu.

URL Alias Path Settings

URL path settings screenshot

If a specific URL is needed, it can be entered here.  DO NOT make any changes here until your site has launched or the page will not launch correctly. If a basic page is created to be added as a pane on another basic page the URL is edited here.

Revision Information

Revision information screenshot

You will need to check this box if you want to save the current state as a revision that can be reverted back to at a later date. This will have to be selected each time. A Revisions button will only display once a revision is saved.

Scheduling Options

Scheduling options screenshot

Schedule a specific time for your page to be published.

Meta Tags

Meta tags screenshot

Page fields are automatically populated in these fields.  If your group chooses to overwrite the default search engine description with custom content, enter as follows:

  • Page Title - Replace [node:title] with the custom title.  Keeping  | [site:name].  For example, [node:title] | [site:name] is changed to Your Custom Title Goes Here | [site:name].
  • Description - To add a custom description to your content, replace [node:summary] with your custom description.
  • Keywords - Keywords are separated by commas, however, keep in mind, they are no longer used for optimizing search engines.

Authoring Information

Authoring information screenshot

  • Author – will be prefilled with your FlashLine ID
  • Date and (military) time button will be prefilled when you save your page.  This information is only visible on news stories.
  • Can be overwritten if needed

Publishing Options

Publishing options screenshot

  • Published is automatically checked.   Keep it checked even if your site may not have launched yet.
  • Promote to front page is used for articles.
  • Sticky at top of list is used for articles.