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Name E-mail User Role
msecre1 msecre1@kent.edu editor
hsommer1 hsommer1@kent.edu editor
slanggut slanggut@kent.edu editor
jpalberi jpalberi@kent.edu editor
akatona akatona@kent.edu editor
hsommer1_stu hsommer1_stu@kent.edu editor
gjones34 gjones34@kent.edu editor
jkoneval jkoneval@kent.edu editor
imccull2 imccull2@kent.edu
bhudkins bhudkins@kent.edu editor
acunni23 acunni23@kent.edu editor
djporte1 djporte1@kent.edu editor
mwilbur2_stu mwilbur2_stu@kent.edu administrator member, editor
ksharm11_stu ksharm11_stu@kent.edu editor
dberry4 dberry4@kent.edu editor
ksharm11 ksharm11@kent.edu editor
Alumni & Friends of EHHS
Name E-mail User Role
jselby5 jselby5@kent.edu editor
rjohns81_stu rjohns81_stu@kent.edu editor
ktaylo57 ktaylo57@kent.edu editor
dmunozpe dmunozpe@kent.edu editor
hpark15 hpark15@kent.edu editor
sjittapi_stu sjittapi_stu@kent.edu editor
jricha13 jricha13@kent.edu editor
Ambassador Crawford College of Business and Entrepreneurship
Name E-mail User Role
jbowen1 jbowen1@kent.edu editor
JSammon512 john@sixthcitymarketing.com editor